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Nippon nozzle will have Joint exhibition with Daiwabo Rayon Co., Ltd in SINCE 2017 (Shanghai) In the largest nonwoven exhibition in Asia, our corporate booth design with sense of unity. We exhibits different kinds of spinnerette samples, and with functional rayon. Please visit us #Booth 1Q40 by below information.

ExhibitionSINCE 2017 Shanghai International Nonwoven Conference & Exhibition.
DateFrom 8th -10th November, 2017
PlaceShanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center, China #Booth 1Q40


Nippon nozzle made an Agency contract of " Electrospinning ES300 (Nano fiber production Table-type apparatus)" with NafiaS Co., ltd. NafiaS was be known as a start-up company from Shinshu University.
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A pioneer making contributions in different industries

A pioneer making contributions in different industriesToday we see the indefnite possibilities of synthetic fibers, the excellent characteristics of fibers are being used in a wide range of products such as the materials for aircraft, vehicle, and construction field.

Global perspectives are called for in achieving the technology required in spinneret manufacturing. Many of our products are already playing major roles in electronics, vehicle components, and medical industries.

Our high precision manufacturing technology is attracting strong interest from other industries and is applied to parts like soldering on PCBs, ink jet devices for printers, automobile fuel injectors where accurate performance is required.

We are also actively fnding ways to make contributions to society, whether in the form of recycling, the development of products needed for the elderly care and research of new materials. No longer confned by the traditional function of fiber, Nippon Nozzle expects its expertise can play an even larger role in diferent industries in the future.