Quality & Environmental initiative

Quality Management Policy

Established quality management system, acquired ISO9001

Nippon Nozzle make a procedure needed increase quality to continuous , then we follow the procedure for increase accuracy & technic for products, and acquired certification of 『 ISO9001』 on
international standard for quality management.
In the case if there have any quality or technical issue happened, we will immediately take action for investigate, find the root, make improvement plans, and continuously improve the quality of products and services for customer satisfaction.

Clean room

To meet the high-standard demands from customers, our clean room is fully equipped and able to work in high-level inspection. We also do the packaging in the cleaning room to minimum the possibility of small dust content with the product and to serve high-quality and perfect products.。

Environment Management Policy

Established environment management system, acquired ISO14001

“Nippon Nozzle is working on environmentally friendly products and services for long time. To achieve the goal, we thoroughly trained employees, built a management system to deepen our knowledge.
We’re also acquired 『ISO14001』 of international standard for quality management. We will continue to proactive global environment, make further efforts to reduce environmental impacts, such as resource and energy conservation, reduce waste and eliminate waste of water.”


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