Nippon nozzle work in R&D of spinneret by our melt blown equipment in our plant. We’re capable to design and produce not only regular spinneret with round holes, but also the conjugate type of spinnerets and dies with mixture two kinds of polymers. We meet to customer requests and proposals high productivity and energy savings products.

Apply to design on Spinneret products from the R&D result of own equipment.

Melt-blown nonwoven fabric is made by entangling fibers while extruded material from Spinneret in the same time blowing hot air. The common application is face masks, industrial filters etc.

Material SUS316、SUS431 etc
Hole shape Round
Polymer PP, PET, PA, PU, PE, PBT, PPS etc
Application PP, PET, PA, PU, PE, PBT, PPS etc
Hole diameter Maximum L/D Minimum Pitch (mm) Hole / Inch
Φ0.08 20 0.2 127
Φ0.1 30 0.2 127
Φ0.15 30 0.25 102
Φ0.2 30 0.3 85
Φ0.3 30 0.4 64
Φ0.4 30 0.5 51



Nippon nozzle able to manufacturing various of holes such as round holes, irregular holes, and the conjugate type of holes. All spinneret are customize and meet to customer require.

We will able to make a proposal of design to your demand.

Spunbond nonwoven fabric is produced by melted resin which is extruded from spinnerets, extruded spun filaments on a collecting belt. The fabrics was combine thinness, softness and durability, with wide variety of production items.

Material SSUS630、SUS431 etc
Polymer PP, PET etc
Application Diapers, Car interiors, Reinforcements for Building and Civil Engineering, Functional sheets etc.

Round hole Spec

Hole diameter Tolerance of Hole Diameter Tolarance of Hole Length
Φ0.07〜0.5 ±0.005 ±0.02
Φ0.5〜1.0 ±0.01 ±0.02
Φ1.0〜2.0 ±0.01 ±0.03



We provide the customer with T-die solutoin which is based on the know-how accumulated through the long experiences in the industries. We make proposal meet to customer request, such as “wants to produce product by different polymer” or “wants to improve ununiformity and the line on the fabric made by existing machine” etc. In the case if design a new T-die, please provide the basic data (Flow viscosity of polymer, Melt density of polymer, Spinning temperature, Throughput) for considering.

“The design and make a proposal on specifications and method of optimum for coat hangers type Die and Tournaments type Die”



Please feel free to contact us for any consultations and questions.