Ultra-precision hole Process

Micro drilling

To master the use of the latest micro drilling machines, we are constantly developing our technologies based on the precise processing technologies we have accumulated for many years at our manufacturing sites of spinnerets for synthetic fiber spinning.
Nippon Nozzle has the experience and know-how to machine high aspect ratio (L/D) holes infinitely linearly.
Through the use of special tools we have manufactured by ourselves, we can enhance the accuracy and finish in the final stage.

Electric discharge machining

Electric discharge machining is a machining method by which an electric discharge phenomenon is generated between a work piece and an electrode (tool) that are submerged in working fluid to melt and cut work pieces.
There are two types of electric discharge machining: “diesinking electric discharge machining” in which a work piece is processed, like duplicating the shape of the electrode, and “wire cut electric discharge machining” in which a hole shape is formed by cutting a work piece with an ultrathin wire.
As the machining surface is melted through electric discharge, it is possible to machine any conductive material. This method can also machine high-hardness materials such as carbide, molybdenum, tantalum, titanium, tungsten and platinum, as well as hard-to-cut materials.
One of the features of electric discharge machining is its smooth finish with little burr when compared with ordinary machining.


Precision press process is a manufacturing method that serves as the root of our company. It is a precision machining technology that we have developed ourselves for the manufacturing of spinnerets for spinning and cultivated through continuous study for many years.
By using special tools we manufacture ourselves, it is possible to mass-produce high-accuracy holes.
The work of making innumerable holes at a micron sized is literally craftsmanship that we cannot confirmed visually holes. We achieve highly accurate circulality and a high-quality inner surface finish.


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