Technical & Service



We would be introducing our's techniques proud of to the world,
1) the craftsmanship to process micron sized holes that cannot be visually difficult confirmed,
2) the surface of the spinnerets can be finished beautifully,
3) we have the integrated production system for melting GOLD-PLATINUM alloy and forming,
4) we have know-how which had been accumulated over many years as a pioneer of spinnerets, and the simulation by using the latest thermal fluid analysis software for the spinnerets and spinning pack design and so on.



Please use our service then confirming the effectiveness by yourself.
1)We support to customers of development and improvement for spinnerets.
2)If you want to verify before installing the equipment of melt blown nonwoven, we have available for trial equipment at the our factory.
3)We can provide cleaning test before purchase of spinneret cleaning equipment.