Ultra finishing process of surface

Standard mirror finish

Spinnerets whose hole making process has been completed go through the polishing process using our own polishing machine.
Our polishing machine has a wide processing range and is capable of concave bottom surface polishing.
Through use of various types of grinding stones, the polishing machine finishes surfaces with a mirror-like finish.

Honing finish (matt finish)

This is a finishing process in which minute irregularities are made on the surface with keep the surface accuracy to improve the releaseability of fibers.After finishing, the surface looks like a cross section of a pear. So it is called “Nashiji-siage (matt finish)”.

Mirror lapping finish

In this finishing method, the surface is polished until Ra 0.05 or below is obtained and the hole edge is polished until R of 1 μm or below is obtained. This is an ultimate surface finishing method by which a perfect edge can be made.


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