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The produce high-performance fibers with characteristics, such as microfibers and conductive fibers was made by combining different materials, because which could not be realize spinning by single polymer.Manufacturing of Spinning pack for conjugate product requires precise processing on positioning with upper part, temperature control, flow path design, etc. We can flexibly answer to your request by know-how accumulating over the years. We will do design and manufacture conjugate spinng packs as customer needs.

Conjugate spinning method is producing fibers by simultaneously spinning by two or more different polymers and extrusion on one hole, to add special characteristics on the fiber.

Material Stainless steel, Hastelloy etc
Hole shape Round, Irregular shape etc
Polymer Polyester, Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyethylene etc
Application Glasses wiping, Wiping cloth, Leather, Elastic fiber, Crimp yarn, Raw Cotton for Non-woven etc.

Side by Side

Suitable for producing stretchable fibers and crimped fiber. By combining difference viscosity of polymers cause crimps on the fiber, and it commonly use polymers such as Polyester, Nylon, Acrylic etc.


The result of yarn likes core component coating by sheath component. This is suitable for production fiber of core-sheath structure with special properties, it’s also make positive effect on improve fluff and thread breakage on yarn.

Sea Island

Suitable for producing ultrafine fibers, nano fibers. The structure is super fine fiber (islands) surrounded by fibers (sea) and these two parts use different polymer.

Orange Ball (Split fiber)

Suitable for producing split type ultrafine fibers. Spinning two different polymer to a yarn, then peeling, seperate it to two components by using chemicals or physical methods to made ultrafine fibers. High precision spinning could be realized, by our high accuracy processing on grove and on length of determinate hole.


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