In-house R&D technology
Global market share No.1

Dry spinneret mainly produces yarn for cigarette filters, bedding, Luxury women’s clothes, dresses and blouses. We design and produce tool in-house, to make a hole the regular triangle hole and round hole which made one side is around 0.030 to 0.150mm.In recent years, we combine of craftsmanship to latest technology, by working on automation process to achieve “high quality product, short delivery time and lower cost”.

In dry spinning, the fiber-forming substance is melted for extrusion through the spinneret, Solidification is then achieved by evaporating the solvent in a stream of air or inert gas.

Material Stainless steel, Tantalum etc
Hole shape Round, triangle shape
Polymer Acetate, Triacetate, Acrylic etc
Application Acetate: Bedding, Lining, Cigarette filter
Triacetate: Luxury women’s clothing such as dresses and blouses


Triangle shape

Width L/W Accuracy of Side Width Hole Length Accuracy
Special Standard Special Standard
0.030〜0.150 ~1/2 ±0.001 ±0.002 ±0.008 ±0.01


Round shape

Hole diameter L/D Hole Diameter Accuracy Hole Length Accuracy
Special Standard Special Standard
Φ0.028~0.150 1/1~1/2 ±0.001 ±0.002 ±0.01 ±0.02



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